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Applicant Name Application Type Status Meeting Date Application Date Site Address Details
 Raven Realty, LLC  Variance  Pending    2019-04-09  35 BELMONT STREET  Details 
 Bryan Haynes & Caitlin Haynes  Special Permit  Meeting Scheduled  4/23/2019  2019-03-28  44 DAY STREET  Details 
 Chris Fitzsimons  Special Permit  Meeting Scheduled  4/23/2019  2019-03-14  28 BLACK BROOK ROAD  Details 
 Craig Dwyer  Variance  Meeting Scheduled  4/23/2019  2019-03-12  250 FOUNDRY STREET  Details 
 Dawn Bankert  Special Permit  Board Voted  3/19/2019  2019-02-25  25 ROBERT DRIVE  Details 
 Julie Cardoza (Wagging Tail Dog Services, Inc.)  Special Permit  Decision Issued  1/15/2019  2018-12-13  50 Washington  Details 
 Craig and Meredith Goldberg  Variance  Withdrawn  1/15/2019  2018-12-03  177 Center Street  Details 
 Gregory Swan  Variance  Decision Issued  9/25/2018  2018-08-30  87 DEPOT STREET  Details 
 Center Street Realty  Special Permit  Decision Issued  9/25/2018  2018-08-13  89 LINCOLN STREET  Details 
 Julie Cardoza  Special Permit  Decision Issued  8/21/2018  2018-07-31  286 DEPOT STREET  Details 
 EASTONDALE, LLC  Comprehensive Permit  Board Voted  10/16/2018  2018-07-03  121 PINE STREET  Details 
  Jeremy Davia  Variance  Decision Issued  7/24/2018  2018-06-25  65 TURNPIKE STREET  Details 
 Meadowview Commons, LLC  Comprehensive Permit  Consultant Quote Received    2018-06-19  310-318 TURNPIKE STREET  Details 
 Peter Murphy (c/o: Glenlo LLC)  Variance  Decision Issued  6/19/2018  2018-05-17  38 ELM STREET  Details 
 DNN Management Company, LLC  Variance  Decision Issued  6/19/2018  2018-05-15  24 MECHANIC STREET  Details 
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