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Applicant Name Application Type Status Meeting Date Application Date Site Address Details
 Stoneforge Grill - Easton, Inc.  Special Permit  Need Owners email Response    2018-01-29  10 ROOSEVELT CIRCLE  Details 
 Melissa Flynn  Variance  Meeting Scheduled  2/13/2018  2018-01-18  73 SUMMER STREET  Details 
 william Humphrey  Special Permit  Meeting Scheduled  2/13/2018  2017-12-25  12 NORTH MAIN STREET  Details 
 Edward Jacobs  Variance  Incomplete    2017-12-19  35R BELMONT STREET  Details 
 danielle falco/ paul behan  Variance  Continued  2/13/2018  2017-12-18  5 COOLIDGE CIRCLE  Details 
 Dr. Mark Halvorsen  Variance  Decision Issued  1/16/2018  2017-12-13  25 BELMONT STREET  Details 
 Daniel and Jacqueline Signori  Variance  Withdrawn  2/13/2018  2017-12-12  17 BERWICK ROAD  Details 
 Bruce R Pilling  Special Permit  Decision Issued  1/16/2018  2017-12-12  300 TURNPIKE STREET  Details 
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