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Applicant Name Permit Type Status Engineer Meeting Date Application Date Site Address Details
 Robert L. Taylor, Jr.  Preliminary Subdivision Plan  Pending  James E. Miller, P.E.    2018-04-13  11 OLDE STABLE LANE  Details 
 T & M Realty  Approval Not Required  Meeting Scheduled  BRUCE R. PILLING, P.LS.  4/23/2018  2018-04-02  7 KENBANE DRIVE  Details 
 DNN Management Company, LLC  Sp Permit Mixed Use  Meeting Scheduled  Gregory Driscoll, Jr., P.E.  4/23/2018  2018-03-31  201 MAIN STREET  Details 
 Mark Halvorsen  Site Plan Endorsement  Meeting Scheduled  George R. Collins, P. E.  4/23/2018  2018-03-20  25 BELMONT STREET  Details 
 J.K. Holmgren Engineering Inc  Site Plan Endorsement  Incomplete  John K. Holmgren    2018-03-19  534 WASHINGTON STREET  Details 
 KLK Enterprises, Inc.  Sp Permit Duplex / Two-Family Home  Meeting Scheduled  Eric Dias P.E.  4/23/2018  2018-03-16  165 ROCKLAND STREET  Details 
 ADAMS WILLIAM J TRUSTEE  Preliminary Subdivision Plan  Board Voted    4/9/2018  2018-03-14  233-R LINCOLN STREET  Details 
 william cone  Site Plan Endorsement  Decision Issued  William Cone  1/8/2018  2017-12-20  320 WASHINGTON STREET  Details 
 William Humphrey  Approval Not Required  Decision Issued    1/8/2018  2017-12-19  348 FOUNDRY STREET  Details 
 Bill Matthews  Site Plan Endorsement  Decision Issued  Greg Swan, Assistant Town Engineer  1/8/2018  2017-12-14  100-R RANDALL STREET  Details 
 Rory O'Dwyer & David Kelley  Approval Not Required  Decision Issued  Eric Dias P.E.  11/20/2017  2017-11-13  154 WASHINGTON STREET  Details 
 Scott Kerner  Site Plan Endorsement  Incomplete      2017-11-13  250 FOUNDRY STREET  Details 
 William Humphrey  Sp Permit Estate Lot  Decision Issued    1/8/2018  2017-11-13  348 FOUNDRY STREET  Details 
 Gregory Driscoll, Jr., P.E.  Site Plan Endorsement  Meeting Scheduled  Gregory Driscoll, Jr., P.E.  4/23/2018  2017-11-10  201 MAIN STREET  Details 
 Edward Jacobs, RPLS  Approval Not Required  Decision Issued  Gregory W. Driscoll Jr. P.E.  11/20/2017  2017-11-03  402-R CENTER STREET  Details 
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