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Applicant Name Permit Type Status Engineer Meeting Date Application Date Site Address Details
 Julie Cardoza (Wagging Tail Dog Services, Inc.)  Site Plan Endorsement  Meeting Scheduled  Scott Faria, P.E.  2/25/2019  2019-02-08  50 WASHINGTON STREET  Details 
 Harold Gershman  Approval Not Required  Incomplete      2019-02-01  207 ELM STREET  Details 
 Frank Ribelin  Approval Not Required  Board Voted    2/11/2019  2019-02-01  7 WILLOW ROAD  Details 
 William F. Madden  Approval Not Required  Withdrawn  William F. Madden    2019-01-29  287 PURCHASE STREET  Details 
 Andrew Daniels  Site Plan Endorsement  Board Voted  Brian McCarthy  2/11/2019  2019-01-21  134 MAIN STREET  Details 
 South Easton Motor Sales Inc.  Site Plan Endorsement  Meeting Scheduled  BRUCE R. PILLING, P.LS.  2/25/2019  2019-01-16  300 TURNPIKE STREET  Details 
 370 Chase Center LLC  Sp Permit Estate Lot  Withdrawn  Frank Gallagher  2/25/2019  2019-01-15  370 CENTER STREET  Details 
 KEITH MCLAUGHLIN  Approval Not Required  Board Voted  JOHN K. HOLMGREN  1/28/2019  2019-01-15  216 & 222 BAY ROAD, 16 PHEASANT LANE  Details 
 Center Street Realty LLC  Sp Permit Duplex / Two-Family Home  Incomplete  Walter Hermanau    2019-01-05  222 CENTER STREET  Details 
 Full Circle Development, LLC  Sp Permit Mixed Use  Meeting Scheduled  John K. Holmgren, PE  3/11/2019  2018-12-20  661 WASHINGTON STREET  Details 
 William F Welch  Sp Permit In-Law Apartment  Board Voted  James Bailey  1/28/2019  2018-12-18  32 CANOE RIVER ROAD  Details 
 Kareen Blake  Sp Permit In-Law Apartment  Decision Issued  Sami Kassis P.E./ Design by Sami  12/10/2018  2018-11-12  33 ROCKLAND STREET  Details 
 ROBERT L JR. and ANNMARIE TAYLOR  Approval Not Required  Board Voted  James E. Miller, P.E.  11/26/2018  2018-11-09  11 OLDE STABLE LANE  Details 
 David Ames, Jr.  Sp Permit Common Driveway  Decision Issued  BRUCE R. PILLING, P.LS.  11/26/2018  2018-10-30  59 POND STREET  Details 
 KLK Enterprises, Inc.  Modification to Definitive Plan  Board Voted    1/14/2019  2018-10-24  71 MILL STREET  Details 
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